How to add images or media files?

Our editor allows as a many images as you would like to upload per chapter or section, etc. You will need to upload each image individually in JPEG, PING or GIF format. Follow these steps to get your images where you would like them.

Step 1. Click on the "Attach media file" icon.

Step 2. Select "Browse Library or Upload".

Step 3. Select an image in the Library or Upload a new image you would like to insert into your chapter or section, etc. Once you have chosen an image click on "Upload New File".

Step 4. Add any Caption to the image.

Step 5. Select an Alignment from the drop down menu, you will have the option to align your image or media file to the Center, Left, Right or Fit to Width.

Step 6. Click "Save".

Step 7. Your image or media file will appear at the top of every chapter or section, etc. In order to see exactly where your image or media file will appear in the project you must preview it.

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