Cover Editor

On display is the initial view of your covers. The book title and author name are automatically placed on the front cover. Click the “Edit” button to open up the cover generator tool.

The Cover Editor Workspace consists of:

  •     Elements List - Left margin under the “Save Cover” button. The book title and author appear in the elements list. Items in this list can be deleted by hitting the small “x” or they can have their stacking order changed by dragging them up and down vertically in the list (items at the top of the list will go in front of elements lower down).
  •     Cover Editor Area - Middle Display with Guides. Guides are the red line is the crop box showing where the printer will cut the paper of your cover. Images that need to be flush with the edge of the cover should go past this line. The green line is the text safety area. To avoid getting trimmed, text should not go outside of this area.

***When an image's handles turn red that means the image is no longer dense enough for high quality printing***

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