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Select the “Publish Now” button for a final review of the publication and details. Review and approve of all formats and details prior to publishing:

    Make sure you've edited your publication details. The information here will be used by distributors. Missing information could cause delays in getting your book into stores and may incur additional charges.
    Verify the draft versions of your publication formats.
    Modifying your publication later may require you pay the full publication price again, so make sure everything is looking perfect.
    Have you configured the retail pricing of each of your publication formats? Changing your publication's pricing after publication will incur additional charges.
    Did you order enough copies? Make sure you're ordering enough copies for reviews, appearances, family, friends, colleagues, giveaways, marketing, PR, etc.

Clicking the “Let’s Publish! – Add to Cart” button will place your publication in an uneditable state.

If you wish to make additional changes, click the "Unlock" button on the publication page.

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