How Do I Collect My Royalties If I’m Not A US Citizen?

If you earn money in the U.S., you must pay taxes on your income. U.S. tax law requires us to report royalty payments made to non-U.S. members and withhold and remit taxes on the royalty payments to the U. S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Although you may also need to report and pay taxes to your own government, we are not involved in this process.

Determining Tax Rates
The standard tax-withholding rate for non-U.S. members is 30%. If you are a non-U.S. member and your country has an established tax rate treaty with the U.S., you may be eligible for treaty withholdings rates if you provide us with a valid W-8BEN.
Here are some common tax withholding rates by country, which are subject to change without notice:

Canada: 0%
Australia: 10%
UK: 0%
Japan: 10%
India: 15%


For more information, see IRS Publication 515.

    Obtain a U.S. Tax Identification Number (TIN). Apply for a U.S. TIN through either a W-7 form (for individuals) or SS4 form (for businesses), which you can find at the IRS website. If you are an individual applying for a TIN, you may also be required to submit a document to the IRS, which confirms your business relationship with us. We call this an IRS commitment letter. Please contact us to receive the commitment letter before applying for a TIN.

    Enter your TIN and in your account, click on Account link in upper right hand corner, and go to Payee Information. Enter your TIN in the field labeled Tax ID. Complete all other required fields on the page, then click Save.
    Send us your complete W-8BEN form. A W-8BEN form states what country you reside in and which treaty, if any, determines your tax rate. Download a W-8BEN, complete the form it its entirety, including your TIN and user ID, and provide it to us:

    ATTN: BAM Accounting

    Neither a TIN nor W-8BEN form is required to receive royalty payments, however, if you choose not to provide a W-8BEN, we will withhold 30% of your earnings for tax purposes regardless of any tax treaties your country may have with the U.S.

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