How to avoid irregular image sizes?

The best way to calculate the size of an image for your book is to multiply the width of your book times 300. For example, if your book is 6x9 then you would multiply 6x300 = 1800 pixels wide. If you upload an image that is 1800 pixels wide it will fit 100% width from margin to margin. (It's actually a little smaller because of the .5 inch margins). Our system will fit the image down to the body width automatically, but it will not enlarge the image.

If you want text to flow around your image you can float the image left or right by choose the appropriate option in the drop down menu under Manage Images. The will automatically scale the image down 50% and float it either left or right.

If your image is too tall, you must either choose the float option, or you must scale your image down so the total pixel height is no more than the page height x 300. For example, in the case of a 6x9 book your total image height should not be greater than 2700 pixels.

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