Content: To edit text content, select it, then enter new text in the text field above. To change the text color select the dropdown arrow next to the text input box.

Color: Select the small colored box at the top to change the color of an element. Color (hue) is changed by sliding the bar up and down on the right side. Move the cursor around the large square to change the value (lightness and darkness) and intensity (saturation). Select the upper right-hand corner for the highest color intensity.

*Tip: copy or write down the hex-color value selected if you want to match for back cover and/or spine. (Color is also added to your favorites list within the color selector widget).

Font: To change the font, select new font from the menu.

Wrap Text: Select the Wrap Text button when you need to add longer lines of text. The best method to do this is to add a little bit of text then adjust the text-size by adjusting the size of the container. Oncesize is correct, continue to enter text and enter return before the container exceeds the width of the text-safe area. Center: Select the center button occasionally to ensure text is centered and adjust vertically as needed.

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