How much will I earn in royalties?

For printed books sold through the Marketplace and through, BAM! Publish shares royalties with the author along an 80/20 split:

  • 80% of the net sale* goes to the author
  • 20% of the net sale remains with Books-A-Million

*The net sale refers to the retail price, minus the difference between the print manufacturing cost (based on the length of the book), minus channel and distribution fees (charged on for 3rd party channels only, available with the Global Distribution service).

For example, if the print cost of the book is $8, and you want to sell it for $15, with a channel fee on of 35% or $5.25, then the net sale amount will be $1.75. Of that $1.75, the author will receive 80% or $1.40 when a print copy of the book sells on

If the same book is sold through the Marketplace or through, channel fees will not be charged and you would have earned a $7 net sale, where the author would receive 80% or $5.60. Authors earn more when readers buy through the Marketplace and through,

The same split applies to ebooks sold, except print cost is not a factor, only distribution fees, depending on the "weight" of the book for delivery. As the author, you choose the retail price of your ebook, distribution fees are taken out, and you would receive 80% net sale in royalties if an electronic version of your book is sold.


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