What is the cost to publish and print?

The writing tool is free to use. When you're finished writing and ready to publish, you can choose from the following distribution options:


Private Publication

$59 for a print version or an eBook version

$79 for a print and eBook version

Private publication is perfect if you want to create something just for you and for people close to you. In other words, you should choose private publication if you don't intend to make your book available for sale. Once your work is published, you can order more copies at any time, and you'll have a private order link that you can share if your friends and family want a copy as well.

Marketplace Publication

$129 for a print version or an eBook version

$199 for a print and eBook version

Our most popular option for authors who wish to sell their book, Marketplace Publishing makes it possible for readers to order your print or eBook online through the BAM! Publishing Marketplace AND through This option also ensures that your printed book can be purchased through any Espresso Book Machine location worldwide. All sales are tracked, and any royalties generated will be passed on to you.

Global Distribution

$299 for a print version or an eBook version

$349 for a print and eBook version

Global Distribution allows you to reach an even wider audience, by permanently adding your book to, to the BAM! Publishing DIY Marketplace, and to the EBM database, and distributing it through the Ingram Digital Network for three years. Your book will be available on major retail sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks and dozens of others.


Please note:

If you choose to create an eBook, access to electronic versions of your work is covered by the publication fee, and there is no additional cost for eBook downloads. Any orders for paperback copies will incur applicable Print Cost and Shipping charges (see below).



Print Costs

The print cost per book is calculated according to a set range of pricing based on book type and size:

 For example, a 5.5 x 8.5, 100-page, black and white, softcover book's cost would be calculated as follows:
$1.35 + $.02 (100) = $3.35.
For the same book in hardcover, the calculation is as follows = $9.00 + $.02 (100) = $11.00

While others will purchase the book at a retail price set by the author, the author will only ever pay the print cost of the book.

There is no additional cost for eBook downloads, as eBooks are included in the publication cost.


Shipping Costs

Books can be shipped anywhere in the contiguous United States, with shipping fees based on the following rates:

$3.00 for the first book, plus $0.99 for each additional copy


All packages will be sent via regular ground shipping unless otherwise requested.


*The print price calculation does vary based on book size, type and page count. This price is also not representative of the final retail price, which the author selects when the book is ready for distribution. Additional market access fees and set-up fees will raise the overall retail price necessary to distribute the book if Global Distribution is selected.




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